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Symptoms of neck fractures can be delayed

A broken or fractured neck is one of the more serious injuries that can occur during a road traffic collision. Often, the symptoms of such a severe injury are obvious, and the victims will be immobile. Nonetheless, this isn’t always the case. Symptoms of serious injuries, including neck fractures, can take time to present themselves. Some symptoms will not show up until hours or even days after the crash. Outlined below are some of the potential delayed symptoms of a neck fracture.  Pain  Of course, feeling pain is one of the most obvious warnings that something is amiss. The adrenaline and shock after the crash may have masked the pain in your neck until you got home. After settling down, your neck is throbbing and the pain seems to be starting from your head and traveling through your entire body. In such circumstances, it is vital to seek medical attention to at least rule out a serious neck fracture. Neck fractures have a better prognosis if they are treated promptly.  Loss of mobility  In some cases, your nerves may be impacted by the injury which means you may be desensitized to pain. However, it’s likely that some of your movements will be limited if you have suffered a neck fracture. If you are having trouble moving your head and finding it difficult to swallow or breathe, then this could be a sign of a neck fracture.  Getting the help you deserve  The top priority after a road traffic collision should be seeking medical attention. X-rays, CT scans and MRIs can help to diagnose a neck fracture. If you require extensive treatment, this is going to cost a lot. Seeking some legal guidance can help open up the door to potential personal injury compensation. The post Symptoms of neck fractures can be delayed  first appeared on Oakley & Oakley, LLC.
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