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What to Do When Someone Tailgates You

Unfortunately, some drivers may endanger you on the road. Some people engage in risky behaviors that can lead other road users into accidents, and one of them is tailgating. A driver can tailgate you when they are drunk or in a hurry. If this happens, here is what you should do: Stay calm  The first emotion when someone tailgates you can be anger. However, you should stay calm while you find a solution. When you get angry, you will focus on the other driver, trying to signal them to stop or even look back to talk to them. These actions take your concentration off the road, increasing your chances of hitting another driver. Let them pass When it’s safe, let the tailgater pass. If you are on a multi-lane road, safely move to the right. If you are on a single-lane road, you can pull over in a gas station or an open parking lot to give them the way. This can be frustrating, but it will keep you safe. Maintain your speed Some drivers may tailgate you because they believe you are moving slower than they might like. In such an instance, you should not respond by speeding. Maintain your speed, particularly if it’s within the speed limit, and when you have a chance, let them pass. Increasing your speed and acting as the tailgater wants can put you at risk. Don’t overuse the brakes When someone tailgates you, you should use the brakes sparingly. Overusing the brakes may irritate them and they can engage in more aggressive behaviors. Besides, you may catch them off-guard, resulting in a rear-end collision.  Road rage is a war that doesn’t have a winner. If someone tailgates you, leading you to an accident, consider your options to protect your rights.    The post What to do when someone tailgates you first appeared on Oakley & Oakley, LLC.
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