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A Fierce Advocate To Defend Your Rights

Have you recently been arrested or charged with a crime in Lexington, Kentucky? Have you been injured in a car accident or a slip and fall? Do not hesitate to contact me, Jay Oakley – an experienced Lexington trial attorney for immediate advice and assistance. I have more than 15 years of experience representing clients in state and federal courts. When you hire Oakley & Oakley, LLC, I will be your fiercest advocate and will defend your rights every step of the way. I will personally handle all aspects of your case. To learn more about my background, read here:

Why Hire Me?

When it comes to criminal cases, state and federal prosecutors have one job: getting you to plead guilty or convicting you in front of a jury of your peers. They will invest whatever time and resources are necessary to win. In order to reduce the chances of that happening, you must defend yourself aggressively at every turn.

In personal injury cases, the insurance companies have one job: to pay as little for your claim as possible. They are not on your side. They will hire a team of attorneys to fight your claim. With Oakley & Oakley, LLC, in your corner, you will strip the other side of their advantage and level the playing field, tipping the scales of justice in your favor.

Prosecutors and insurance defense attorneys are well aware of my ability to secure favorable outcomes for my clients. They know that things won’t be easy when I’m on the case. I have won trials at every level, including district court, circuit court and the Supreme Court of Kentucky as well as the United States District Court.

My winning reputation precedes me and works in your favor during preliminary hearings and early negotiations. Rather than risking a loss in court, prosecutors and insurance companies might be more inclined to offer a plea deal or settlement that’s more than favorable under the circumstances.

Taking Charge Of Your Case

When you call, we will arrange a time to sit down and discuss the details of your case in a free initial consultation. I will give an honest assessment of the case against you and offer some preliminary advice to help you figure out how to move forward. When you hire me to handle your case, you can rest assured that I will do everything in my power to secure a favorable outcome for you and your family.

Time Is Of Essence

Do not delay in reaching out to my Lexington office to discuss your rights and legal options with me. I offer free initial consultations. To get started, call 859-286-7980 or send me a confidential email to schedule your appointment.