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3 ways modern technology helps prove fault in car crashes


Technology has made vehicles more efficient and safer. Technological advances also assist in the enforcement of traffic rules to help deter driving behaviors that cause crashes.

Although you may not think about it until after a wreck occurs, modern technology can also play an important role in establishing fault after a collision. When you and the other driver have very different perspectives of what happened right before a collision, technology can help determine who is actually at fault.

Mobile devices can provide useful insight

The devices used by either driver may contain information about their actions right before a crash. Even though people may try to delete certain records, the phone company or the company that developed the app used will typically have records that police can obtain with a warrant.

Proof that someone had just sent a text seconds before a crash or was streaming video at the time of a collision can make it clear that their distraction played a role in the wreck.

Cameras are everywhere now

Traffic cameras are more accurate and common than they were years ago. The same is true of security cameras. Many people and businesses have security cameras facing the street that may capture the moments right before a crash or the actual moment of the collision. Drivers may have dashboard cameras in their vehicles that will show what happens before a crash.

Drivers and police officers may need to check the vehicles and surroundings for cameras and seek the footage of what happened before and during the crash. This footage can help the people involved in the wreck and law enforcement officers determine who is at fault for a wreck.

Software can recreate the crash

What programmers can do with the right information is incredible. Pictures of the scene of the crash and information about the damage that occurred can help specialized software create a recreation of the collision that establishes with some accuracy what likely happened during and leading up to the wreck.

These technological advances can hope you prove that you are not to blame for the crash and may make it easier to hold someone accountable in civil court. Learning more about how to build the case after a major car crash will protect you from unfair costs caused by irresponsible drivers.

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