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2 benefits of a dash camera


Whenever someone starts talking about dash cams they’re usually referring to videos online showing reckless drivers. These videos may catch someone road-raging after another driver, turning at an exit ramp at the last second or making the roads unsafe for other drivers in some way. They can be enjoyable to watch from the safety of your home – but not so much when you’re watching your accident.

It’s not often that dash cameras save people from accidents, but they can save you from issues proving you weren’t the cause of the crash. Dash cams are versatile tools that frequent drivers should consider investing in. 

Here’s how dash cams are particularly useful:

They can record both the back and front of your car

Not all accidents occur in front of your car. Some accidents happen because someone was speeding or looking at their phone causing them to crash into the back of your car. Some dash cams can record both front and back views of your car – making it easier to track evidence no matter where it comes from.

Cameras can capture important evidence of an accident

Some drivers don’t like to admit that they were the cause of an accident. They might fight tooth and nail to blame you for their reckless driving. Dash cams can save you the time and effort proving you weren’t at fault for an accident. 

Newer cars that come pre-installed with dash cams may record everything that happens once the car has started. Older cars may need externally attached cameras that can be bought online or at tech stores. 

If you’ve been in a wreck and the other driver denies liability, seek legal help. Video proof of the accident can be helpful when pursuing your case. 

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