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Helping You Navigate Your Trucking Accident Claim

When a commercial truck driver injures you in a motor vehicle accident, both you and your car will likely take a lot of damage. You may end up with catastrophic injuries. You will need the help of an experienced lawyer who knows how to navigate your case with the driver’s employer, the regulations involved and the insurance companies.

You can count on me, attorney Jay Oakley, to help you understand the many aspects of a truck accident. Not only are you likely to suffer severe injuries in such a crash, but you will also need to deal with multiple insurance companies. When you hire Oakley & Oakley, LLC, to represent you, I will guide you through the process so that you can make informed decisions regarding your case.

What Makes A Trucking Accident Different?

In some ways, an accident involving a commercial truck is very similar to any other car accident. In other ways, however, it is very different, such as:

  • Safety regulations – Commercial drivers must follow a host of safety regulations. An investigation could reveal that they violated these regulations, which can help your negligence case.
  • Multiple parties – A commercial truck may be owned by the driver, the driver’s employer or the company that owns the goods the driver is hauling. All of these parties may share blame for the negligence.
  • Higher insurance limits – Companies have higher insurance requirements than regular drivers, which may mean higher compensation available.
  • Severe injuries and damage – A commercial truck can cause devastating damage when it collides with a smaller vehicle. They often result in catastrophic injuries.

These cases can be complicated. For example, one party may have overloaded the truck, while another may have failed to keep the truck in good repair and the driver may have violated the speed limit. The insurance companies will move quickly to control critical evidence in your case, often within hours. I have the skill and experience necessary to sort through these matters and find out what really happened.

Leave No Stone Unturned

I will fight for the compensation you need and deserve after such a traumatic crash from every source possible under Kentucky law. These cases take time to sort through the various questions of liability. You also want to make sure you have a good understanding of your injuries, including the ongoing care you may need in the future. Only then will you know what the fair compensation is for your case. You will always have the choice of accepting a settlement offer, but I will be prepared to take your case to trial if the offers do not meet your needs.

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With over 15 years of legal experience, I have helped many injured clients throughout the Lexington area fight for the compensation they deserve. I am ready to help you, too. Call to schedule your free initial consultation today at 859-286-7980 or fill out my online contact form.