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3 mistakes to avoid after a motor vehicle accident

You may be involved in a motor vehicle accident due to negligence, distraction, drowsiness and drunkenness. A report prepared by Kentucky Transportation Center in cooperation with Kentucky State Policy indicates that 119, 449 collisions were reported in 2020. This is a high number, and it’s sad to know that most of them were avoidable. If you are in a crash, you may get injuries that can impact your life significantly. Thus, you need to make informed decisions to protect your rights. The following are three mistakes to avoid after a motor vehicle accident. Leaving the scene It is not wise to leave the scene of an accident before the police or medical personnel arrive. This can make you look guilty. You want to tell the police your side of how the events occurred and ensure everything is recorded in the police report. Further, leaving the scene of an accident can be an offense. It may be a misdemeanor, but if a serious injury or death is involved, it may be a felony. Thus, you may face fines and/or a jail term. Not documenting the scene Anything can change between when the accident happens and when the police arrive. Therefore, it will help to document the scene. Take photos of both cars, the road, any property damage and your injuries. You may also take the details of any witnesses as they may leave the scene. Apologizing Saying “I’m sorry” to the other driver may get you into more trouble. You should avoid using words that affirm the admission of fault. If you are at fault, you may take responsibility without directly apologizing as this may make it hard to be compensated for the losses you suffered. Mistakes can affect your claim after a motor vehicle accident. It is crucial to be informed about this matter to strengthen your case.The post 3 mistakes to avoid after a motor vehicle accident first appeared on Oakley & Oakley, LLC.
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