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5 things drivers can do to protect pedestrians


October is National Pedestrian Safety Month. It aims to raise awareness of just how many pedestrians die on the road each year and try and improve those figures.

While pedestrians can do things to reduce the chance they are hit, drivers can do much more.

Here are some suggestions the campaign makes:

Stop using the phone while driving

Even using the phone via a hands-free system is a big distraction. Pull over somewhere safe if a call or message is really that urgent.

Slow down

Speed matters. As vehicle speed increases, the chance of anyone it hits surviving decreases.

Don’t stop on a crossing

Crossings are there to allow people to cross the road safely. While stopping a few feet across one might not seem like a big deal, it is for anyone trying to cross as it makes it harder for them to see and for others to spot them.

Take extra care where there are likely to be kids

Many adults find crossing the road taxing. Children’s decision-making skills are far less advanced. They’re also prone to step into the road without looking because they are excited about getting out of school or distracted while playing.

Stay off the alcohol and drugs if driving

Even a small amount of alcohol or drugs impairs the ability to drive. While drinking a small amount before driving might be legal, it does not mean it is wise or responsible.

If a driver injures you while you are on foot, seek legal help to examine your options to hold them responsible.

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