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2 thoughts that can reduce the risk of a crash when driving


It is easy to become blase about driving. You’ve probably hopped into your car so often that you just assume everything will be fine.

Yet, it only takes one error by you or someone else to end your ability to drive. At least for a while.

So rather than thinking everything will be fine, here are two thoughts to carry around in your head that raise the chance it will be:

Other drivers are stupid

They’re not all stupid, of course. Yet people sometimes drive like they are. Making allowances for others’ potentially poor decisions increases the chance you can take avoiding action in time. A classic example is when you see someone about to pull out of the driveway. You know they should wait until you pass, but they might not, so slowing down or moving slightly to the left reduces the chance of a collision if they do pull out in front of you..

You could kill someone

It’s not a nice thought, but it’s crucial to remember every time you take the wheel of a vehicle. Take extra care around areas with a lot of children, pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists. If you are on moving at speed, it would not take much of a collision to kill them.

If that happens, you would probably think about it for the rest of your life. If thinking about it now helps you drive more safely and avoid a collision, then it’s better for everyone.

The roads would be far safer if everyone considered these two things. Yet they don’t, and another driver could easily injure you in a collision. If so, turn your thoughts to how to claim compensation.

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