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Always get a head injury examined after a car accident


If you hit your head in a serious car accident, no matter how you feel after the fact, it is a good idea to seek treatment from medical professionals. You at least want them to examine you to make sure that you haven’t been significantly injured.

People sometimes put this off because they feel like they’re doing all right and they don’t want to take the time – or spend the money – to go in and get an official examination. But this can be very dangerous with head injuries, which can sometimes get worse over time.

A subdural hematoma

One example of how this can happen is if you suffer a subdural hematoma. If your brain has been damaged and bleeding begins in the tissue surrounding the brain, you may not know at first because the bleeding is relatively insignificant. However, if it continues without treatment, that can cause it to build up pressure against your brain.

At a certain point, this pressure becomes so great that it can lead to serious ramifications, including the death of neural cells. These can’t be regenerated, in most cases, so any damage here is permanent. There are also cases where someone will go to sleep and never wake up simply because their condition progressed while they were sleeping.

Have you suffered a serious injury?

If you do suffer a serious head injury or a traumatic brain injury in a car accident, take the time to carefully look into all of the legal options at your disposal. You may have a right to seek significant financial compensation from the driver who caused the crash. 

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